Session Type: Families

“The days are long but the years are short” This was one of the first things I was told when I became a mom and it’s so true. So we hold on to their firsts: first smile, first laugh, first time sitting up on their own, first tooth, first steps, first birthday….and then it’s their first day of school, first soccer game, first time driving, and they’re off. We change as adults too, we grow, we get a new job, we find a new favorite food, we learn a new skill. Families are always growing and changing. I want to help capture different moments in growth for you and your family. Freeze a chapter in your life to always look back on.

I focus in portrait and lifestyle photography which aims to capture the real, genuine, connection and love within a family through movement and interaction. While also trying to get a few photos where everyone is looking. From booking to your final images I work to create a stress-free experience.

Upon booking you’ll receive preparation guides and resources to help you feel comfortable and confident with your investment.

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