I am the owner and lead photographer at Julia Krupp Photography. 

Hello, I'm Julia Krupp


This right here is my daughter. She is the reason my business started. My inspiration and one of my favorite people to photograph (when she lets me!)

This is my handsome husband. He is my biggest supporter and my best friend. He constantly shows me what hard work and dedication look like and I'm lucky we get to work at home together every day!

My interest in photography started when I would go to the photo store with my mom and they had a bunch of out of use cameras in a bin that kids could play with when their parents dropped off and picked up film. I would never want to leave the store! On all our family trips I would take photos documenting everything (even the bumper of my moms car after the car accident on our New Mexico trip) and turn them into powerpoint presentations for my whole family to watch. 

In fourth grade I started going to photography camp every summer and my passion only grew. By high school I started interning for an amazing local photographer (shout out Pierre Chiha). I started to TA some of the intro classes at my first high school. 

Fast forward to when I had my daughter. I couldn't stop taking photos of her and that grew into me always wanting to take photos of my mom friends with their kids. After lots of encouragement from my support system, I started my business. It has truly been amazing to be able to turn a decades long passion into my job.

Thank you so much for being here! 

My photo story


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