Weston’s Cake Smash

Time truly flies! The first birthday is such a milestone for both parents and baby. For new parents it celebrates their very first year of parenthood, for kids it’s the craziest year of growth and development. A whirlwind year, the days are long but the years are short.

This little man turned one today! I have had the most amazing time getting to work with this family and Weston always brings the biggest smile. For a cake smash, this cake was definitely smashed but not by who you think, good thing Weston didn’t mind one bit! I have to say, he was a very polite eater (I wish my daughter could have watched him and taken some notes). We knew very quickly he enjoyed the cake because he makes the cutest humming noise when he likes something. Thankfully we got the most beautiful weather and were actually all feeling surprisingly hot by the end of the shoot. Check out a glimpse of some of the shoot down below!

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