Goal Girl Finance

Hi all! This is my bestfriend Annie. Our daughters are exactly one month apart in age and we grew up in the same town (didn’t know each other) and now live 5 minutes from one another just a town over! While we met through becoming new moms in a local mom group ~ thank you First Connections ~ another really amazing aspect of our friendship this year has been building and growing our businesses together. It’s been many late nights staying up working together! We’ve both created websites and then recreated our websites within the past few months. Having someone to run ideas past and hyping you up is the best. So being able to help create some business content that matches her brand was such a fun project! Check out a sneak peek of her photos down below!

She and her friend Holly have a business called Goal Girl Finance you can click here to visit their website and I’ll post their socials down below! They started Goal Girl Finance almost 3 years ago to fill the massive need for more easy to understand information about personal finance. Its purpose is to uplift, educate, and support women in understanding and/or taking control over their own finances. One of my favorite parts is the community of women they’ve built with their Facebook group where discussions cover everything and they go over all the questions and topics you can think of when it comes to money. From side hustles, to paying off loans, investing, and even just finding ways to be more financially responsible so that you’re not always stressing but also getting to live your best life we get to talk about everything with no judgement.

I love the saying “you don’t know, what you don’t know” when it comes to thinking about finance. Going from college to becoming a mom and starting a photography business there was and is so many things I had no clue about and wish I had. I love getting to see what others are doing and all the different options I have to create a really strong financial present and future. Finance can be really overwhelming and being able to have a group to ask questions or get ideas is a free way to start getting educated!

They’re also doing 1 on 1 coaching sessions and have a finance course coming out!

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