In-Home and Backyard Newborn Session, Acton MA

I cannot get over the sweet outfits this mama dressed everyone in for this shoot. I tend to be flexible with the age of the baby for newborn shoot especially a lifestyle session where you’re not trying to use sets and put the baby in a basket. Newborn photographers like to do that sweet spot of 2 weeks often due to the likelihood of a sleeping, calm, and posable baby. Sleeping babies are great because they tend to have relaxed faces where as babies that are awake at an early age often are cross eyed or make more strained faces. It also captures those first few weeks that really embody that newly born baby and therefore may feel like they really capture those initial days. Another reason is that there are some ideas that in those first weeks there is a greater chance that the baby might not have developed any baby acne yet. All are great reasons. I boo k my newborn sessions by using your due date as a placeholder. Once you’ve delivered I want to check in on how everyone is doing. Postpartum recovery can look different for everyone. I want everyone to feel ready and up for the photoshoot so it’s not something that is adding stress. Sometimes that means that it’s not until 8 weeks and that’s okay!

In the Backyard

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