Fresh 48 Session + Newborn Session

It was an absolute honor to get to greet my dear friend’s daughter Millie into this world in the first 48 hours of her life. The second the group text invite to come visit her was sent, two of us were in our cars driving straight over late at night fighting over the visitors spot. We were lucky to both be let in to check on our friend and meet her new little one. There is something so special to me about those classic pink and blue striped towel blankets hospitals give. I love the image of the hospital bassinet and the tiny bracelets on mom and baby. Why are they so meaningful? I guess they’ve become such visual signifiers of this monumental milestone when you deliver in a hospital. It’s the setting you spend the first moments with your baby in. It’s the environment of your first 48 (sometimes more) hours with them. It’s nice to remember those first few hours. To capture my friend’s makes my heart so happy. I enjoyed this experience immensely and just cannot thank my friend enough.

Lifestyle Newborn Session

I traveled to my friend’s house 2 weeks later to capture some pictures of the whole family. Mille was a few days shy of 3 weeks old, but the difference is astounding. They grow so fast! It was so silly that my friend thought she wouldn’t be in the pictures. I always encourage (push) the parents into the photoshoot because they are SO important to the family. They are their kids entire worlds. And realistically, have you ever seen a newborn or a toddler without there being a parent one foot away? No! This is real life, and there is nothing better or more beautiful.

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