Family Session, North Andover

Let’s talk about lighting! As a photographer I’m always a big fan of golden hour. Golden hour is usually the last hour of light before sunset and the first hour after sunrise. The sun is in a lower position in the sky during golden hour. The time of day get’s all the hype because the lighting is a warmer, soft, natural light that is very flattering for portraits. However, as many of my clients are families, sunrise and sunset isn’t always the best and most realistic time for photos. A preschool or toddler isn’t going to do a photoshoot at 8pm or at 5:45am in the summer, and if they do, they might not be in the right mood for photos. So often times I do families at the sunniest times. This particular photoshoot we had LOTS of direct sunlight and absolutely zero clouds or shade in the sky. Shooting at a different angle in order to put the sun behind your subjects and using your own subjects to block the sun is a great way to still capture beautiful photos in direct sun.

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