Fall Family Session, Sudbury MA

One thing I really loved about this session is that this family picked a location familiar to them and filled with good memories. While it’s not always possible to pick a location like this, I would always encourage it. The best thing about lifestyle photography is being able to capture real interaction and connection. This family was the embodiment of fun. I even learned a few new games and some new rules to Red Light, Green Light that I never knew!

Young kids run the shoot

When I work with kids I always try to find ways to get them involved and make them feel comfortable. I don’t want the experience to be hard and stressful for the parents with them worrying about their kids the whole time. That’s what I’m here for! I’m here to help and guide. I have fun prompts and tricks up my sleeve when working with kids of all ages. If you ever pass me shooting with young kids you may catch me jumping out from behind a tree or doing silly faces to make a kid smile. And let’s be real, I’m not against bribing…a nice trip for ice cream after sounds reaaallly good to any kid.

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